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We've been assisting businesses in the Margate area by offering access control systems to improve their security measures.

Access Control Margate

State-of-the-art solutions

We work with the best technical developers of access control systems.

Experienced team of engineers

Our access control installers are the best in the region.

Unbiased security advice

We will only advise you on what system best meets your needs.

Access Control Margate

Strengthen your business's security with a reliable access control system

Whether you need identity verification for office visitors or continuous swipe card access to your parking facility, we specialise in installing dependable access control solutions tailored to meet various security requirements.

Working in the Margate area, our engineers are familiar with all types of systems including networked access control, mobile access control, standalone systems as well as intercom entry systems.

If you would like to know more about any of those solutions, or would like to know where we work outside of Margate, please give us a call.

Get Rid Of Keys

Employ more secure keycards, fobs, and even your mobile device to grant individuals access throughout your building.

Access Control Margate

Monitor Movements

Monitor the movement of customers and employees throughout the day using audit trails. For more on this, speak to our team.

Access Control Margate

Improve Security

An access control system is proven to significantly improve the overall security of your building no matter what solution you opt for.

Transform the way you grant access for people to navigate within your building

A mobile access control system elevates access management for your site. Instead of relying on keycards or fobs, an access control app on a user's smart device enables seamless movement throughout your building.

Since we typically don't lend out these devices, you can have greater confidence that the right person always maintains the appropriate access privileges. If you'd like to learn more about this or enquire about where our engineers work outside of Margate, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Access Control Margate
Door Entry Margate

Seeking to improve day-to-day security without the need for all the extras that come with a complete access control system?

If you don't need smart locks and readers on every door in your building, think about opting for a door entry system. Operating in the Margate area, we offer installations of various systems, such as video door entry and audio door entry, tailored to your budget.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like additional information about the door entry systems we install.


Secure your building with Crimefighter Alarms

Access control is our forte and we installing, maintain and repair systems for businesses across the Margate area.