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For over three decades, we have been deploying access control systems for businesses in the Ramsgate region.

Access Control Ramsgate

State-of-the-art systems

We collaborate with top-tier technical developers specialising in access control systems.

Access Control Ramsgate

Experienced team of engineers

Our access control installation team is highly regarded in the Ramsgate region.

Unbiased security advice

Our guidance will solely focus on recommending the system that aligns with your specific requirements.

Access Control Ramsgate

Enhance your business's security with a dependable access control system

Whether you require identity verification for office visitors or ongoing swipe card access to your parking facility, our specialisation lies in the installation of reliable access control solutions customised to address diverse security needs.

Operating within the Ramsgate vicinity, our engineers possess expertise in a wide range of systems, such as networked access control, mobile access control, standalone systems, and intercom entry systems.

If you desire additional information about any of these solutions or wish to inquire about our services beyond the Ramsgate area, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Get Rid Of Keys

Enhance security by using keycards, fobs, or even your mobile device to provide access to individuals within your building.

Access Control Ramsgate

Monitor Movements

Keep track of customer and employee movements throughout the day with the help of audit trails. To learn more about this feature, please get in touch with our team.

Improve Security

Regardless of your choice of solution, an access control system has a demonstrated track record of substantially enhancing the overall security of your building.

Revolutionise the way you provide access for individuals to move around your building

A mobile access control system enhances access management for your site. Instead of depending on keycards or fobs, an access control app on a user's smartphone facilitates effortless movement within your building.

As we usually don't lend out these devices, you can have greater assurance that the correct individual consistently retains the necessary access permissions. If you wish to acquire more information on this or inquire about our services beyond the Ramsgate area, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Access Control Ramsgate
Video Door Entry Ramsgate

Want to enhance your everyday security without the need for all the advanced features of a comprehensive access control system?

If you don't need smart locks and readers on every door in your building, think about a door entry system as a fitting solution. Operating throughout the Ramsgate area, we provide installations of various systems, such as video door entry and audio door entry, based on your budget.

Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like more information about the door entry systems we install.


Secure your building with Crimefighter Alarms

Access control is our specialty, and we handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of systems for businesses throughout the Ramsgate region.