Your Local Margate alarm installers

We have been responsible for installing, maintaining and servicing intruder alarms across the Margate area for over 30 years.

Alarm Installers Margate

Installing the latest alarm technology

All of the intruder alarms we install are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers.

Alarm Installers Margate

Experienced alarm installers

Our team of intruder alarm installers are the best in the Margate area and have extensive experience.

Alarm Installers Margate

Home and commercial alarms

We are not limited to one sector and our alarm installers protect both businesses and homes.

Alarm Installers Margate

Dependable alarms that you can rely on 24/7

As an NSI Gold approved alarm installers, you can be confident that by choosing Crimefighter Alarms your system will be installed to the highest of standards.

Working across Kent in areas such as Margate, our alarm installers are familiar with all types of systems including wired alarms, wireless alarms, smart alarms and temporary systems. They ensure all systems are installed in accordance with EN 50131 standards.

No matter the complexity of your property, we will ensure that your best interests are protected and secure. If you would like to know more about the systems we install, or where our alarm installers will work outside of Margate, please get in touch with us today.

Alarm Installers Margate

Alarm Installations

We offer installation services for various alarm systems, such as home alarms, commercial alarms, wireless intruder alarms, and smart systems.

Alarm Installers Maragte

Alarm Maintenance

Our alarm installers perform regular and preventive maintenance on intruder alarms to ensure the system is free from faults.

Alarm Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 alarm monitoring guarantees constant surveillance of your property, whether you're present or not.

Looking to protect your home or business?

Working across the Margate area, we have a wealth of experience in the installation of both domestic alarms and commercial-grade burglar alarms.

Domestic Alarms Margate

Domestic Alarms

Keep your home, family and hard-earned possessions safe with a bespoke domestic alarm system.

Commercial Alarms Margate

Commercial Alarms

Ensure your building, assets and business are safe with a commercial-grade alarm.

Take charge of your intruder alarm system using your smartphone

We're committed to adopting cutting-edge security technology. Our installation includes smart alarms, allowing you to arm and disarm the system effortlessly using either a smartphone or tablet.

By managing your smart alarm through a mobile app, you gain full control over your security from any location and at anytime. If you would like to know more about smart alarms, or where our alarm installers work outside of Margate, please get in touch with us today.

Alarm Installers Margate
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For over 3 decades, our alarm installers have been responsible for protecting homes and businesses across Margate and the surrounding areas.