Your Local Ramsgate alarm installers

For over 30 years, we have been installing, maintaining, and servicing intruder alarms throughout the Ramsgate area.

Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Implementing state-of-the-art alarm technology

We exclusively source intruder alarms from top-tier manufacturers for all our installations.

Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Competent alarm installers

Our team of intruder alarm installers is unparalleled in the Ramsgate area, boasting extensive experience.

Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Home and commercial alarms

We are not limited to one sector and our alarm installers protect both businesses and homes.

Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Trustworthy intruder alarms that provide round-the-clock protection

Being approved by NSI Gold as alarm installers, Crimefighter Alarms ensures that your system is installed to the highest standards, giving you confidence in your choice.

Operating throughout Kent, including Ramsgate, our alarm installers are well-versed in various systems, ranging from wired and wireless alarms to smart alarms and temporary systems.

Regardless of your property's complexity, we guarantee to safeguard your best interests and ensure security. For further information on the systems we install or the areas our alarm installers cover beyond Ramsgate, please contact us today.

Intruder Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Alarm Installations

We install systems including those designed for homes and businesses in accordance with EN 50131 standards.

Intruder Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Alarm Maintenance

Our team of alarm installers conducts routine maintenance on intruder alarms to guarantee a fault-free system.

Intruder Alarm Installers Ramsgate

Alarm Monitoring

Uninterrupted 24/7 alarm monitoring ensures ongoing surveillance of your property, regardless of whether you're there or not.

Protecting your home or business with an alarm system

Working in the Ramsgate area, we specialise in the installation of both home alarms and commercial intruder alarms.

Home Alarms Ramsgate

Home Alarms

Keep your home, family and hard-earned possessions safe with a bespoke domestic alarm system.

Commercial Intruder Alarms Ramsgate

Commercial Alarms

Ensure your building, assets and business are safe with a commercial-grade intruder alarm.

Manage your intruder alarm system effortlessly through your smartphone

We are dedicated to embracing the latest in security technology. Our installations feature smart alarms, enabling you to effortlessly arm and disarm the system using either a smartphone or tablet.

Controlling your smart alarm through a mobile app grants you complete security control from anywhere, at any time. If you'd like more information about smart alarms or the areas our alarm installers cover beyond Ramsgate, please reach out to us today.

Alarm Installers Ramsgate
Burglar Alarms
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Wireless Alarms
Home Alarms
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For more than 30 years, our alarm installers have been dedicated to securing homes and businesses in Ramsgate and its vicinity.