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We provide multiple options for property surveillance by installing dependable, up-to-date CCTV cameras from trusted manufacturers.

CCTV Installers Ramsgate

Reliable Technology

When you opt for Crimefighter Alarms for your CCTV requirements, you're making a dependable technology investment.

Experienced Installers

Every one of our Ramsgate CCTV installers possesses substantial industry experience and is highly trained.


We won't push the most costly CCTV camera on you, we'll only suggest what is necessary for your requirements.

CCTV Installers Ramsgate

Detect, discourage, and document criminal activities using CCTV system

For nearly four decades, we have been setting up CCTV cameras for both businesses and homeowners in locations like Ramsgate.

Whether you need a simple setup or improvements, or you're planning multi-site security, we can help you combat crime, prevent theft, and deter vandalism with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems.

If you'd like a free survey or want to learn about where our CCTV installers serve besides Ramsgate, please feel free to give us a call.

CCTV Installations

Whether it's basic installations or a network of cameras covering a vast area, we're here to assist.

CCTV Maintenance

Our CCTV installers are certified to conduct maintenance on various system types as well.

CCTV Installers Ramsgate

CCTV Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring guarantees that your property is under watchful eye.

Conveniently managing your CCTV with the touch of a button

Our selection of smart CCTV cameras is ideal for both business owners and homeowners looking to monitor their property from anywhere, anytime.

These smart cameras include a convenient app that provides a live feed of your property from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can also configure alerts to notify you of system triggers or when someone leaves the premises.

If you'd like to learn more about this or inquire about the service areas of our CCTV installers beyond Ramsgate, please feel free to contact us.

CCTV Installers Ramsgate
Cloud CCTV Ramsgate

Revolutionising CCTV with cutting-edge cloud-based technology

Put plainly, cloud CCTV signifies a noteworthy technological progression in security observed in recent times.

In this form of CCTV, footage is stored and managed in a cloud environment instead of on-site. Businesses are embracing this approach as it eliminates the necessity for on-site servers, resulting in space savings and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Commercial CCTV
Cloud CCTV
Domestic CCTV
Wireless CCTV


Safeguard your property with a Crimefighter CCTV system

We are experienced CCTV installers working across Ramsgate and the surrounding areas.