Fire Alarm Upgrades

Is your fire alarm more than 15 years old? It is recommended that you get it upgraded to ensure your building has adequate protection against the threat of fire.

What are the reasons for upgrading an outdated fire alarm?

Fire alarm technology has made significant advancements over the past decade, and the latest systems, with their improved detectors, are the most impressive we have witnessed.

Upgrading your obsolete fire alarm not only ensures the safety of your property against fire but also ensures compliance with the law, providing you with peace of mind.


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Fire safety has been our forte for decades. Our fire alarm installers work across the region in areas such as Canterbury, Folkestone, Dover, Margate and Ramsgate to name but a few.

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Fire Alarm Installers Dover

Upgrading to newer technology makes your property safer

The latest fire alarms can detect a fire in the very early stages. This means that should the worse happen, you will be alerted early meaning you can carry out your evacuation plan as quickly as possible.

Upgrading to a newer fire alarm also means that maintenance costs will be kept down because the newer technology is more reliable. In some cases, replacing a system all together is more cost effective than having multiple maintenance visits.

Our fire alarm installers have been trained to upgrade all types of systems. A few example systems they are familiar with include conventional alarms, addressable fire alarms, wireless fire systems and hybrid systems to name but a few.


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Although we are based in Canterbury, our fire alarm installers work across the region in areas such as Dover, Folkestone, Margate and Ramsgate to name but a few.