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Protecting businesses across Margate for over 30 years with reliable, intuitive and up-to-date commercial fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarms Margate

Reliable Technology

We only work with the best technical developers and manufacturers of fire alarms.

Accredited Engineers

All of our fire alarm installers have undertaken thorough training to ensure they understand our systems.

Fire Alarms Margate


We are not limited to one manufacturer which means we can provide an unbiased service.

Fire Alarms Margate

Protect your belongings and assets from the threat of fire

For safeguarding your premises, equipment, inventory, and personnel against the danger of fire, a top-notch fire alarm system is essential. If you require the installation of fire alarms for your residential or commercial property in Kent, get in touch with the professionals at Crimefighter Alarms Ltd without delay.

Working in areas such as Margate, we install all types of fire alarms including conventional systems, analogue fire alarms, addressable systems, wireless fire alarms and hybrid systems to name but a few.

Fire Alarms Margate

Fire Alarm Installations

We ensure that all fire alarms are installed in accordance with the latest standards.

Fire Alarms Margate

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Our maintenance programme ensures that your fire alarm is in working order at all times.

Fire Alarms Margate

Fire Alarm Monitoring

24-hour monitoring ensures that your property is being watched by an expert at all times.

Fire alarm technology has come along way in the last decade

Todays fire alarm technology is the best we have ever seen. They offer incredible levels of accuracy meaning that should the worse happen, you will be alerted as soon as possible allowing you to escape as quickly as possible.

It is recommended that you upgrade your fire alarm every 10-15 years for peace of mind. If your fire alarm is older than this, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are not limited to one area and work across Kent in areas such as Margate.

Our fire protection services ensure you're covered from all angles

Fire protection is more than just a fire alarm and covers a wide range of different solutions. Working across Margate, we specialise in a wide range of services as part of our fire protection services such as emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire risk assessments, AOV systems and so much more.

If you would like to know more about any of our fire protection services, or where we work outside of Margate, please get in touch.


Ensure your property is safe from fire with Crimefighter

Working across the Margate area, we specialise in all aspects of fire alarms and fire protection.